Grill Re-Marks

Grill Re-Marks

| September 09, 2022

Don't you just love the smell of grill smoke in the evening? That's right! It's time to turn on the heat, lay on the meat, and have some fun.

But what if you're bored of the hot dogs and hamburgers? Never fear; grilling doesn't have to mean the same-old-same-old. Let's talk about some new ways to wow your guests - even the knee-high ones:

  • Marinade Cubano — Get summer sizzling with a marinade of oranges, garlic, and spices. Pro tip: Wet marinades smoke more on the grill. Be prepared!
  • Veggies a la Flame — Boring zucchini? Think again! Cut some green stuff into spears and get to charring.
  • Skillet-ize Me — A grill can be so much more. Lay down a skillet and fry up some chopped pork, onions, or even breakfast.

We're not saying being a grill wizard will make the summer cooler, but it can’t hurt.